Extensive Interval Weight Training

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Extensive Interval Weight Training

The goals for extensive (less intensive) interval weight training are too condition the muscles as well as to loose fat, with the accent on muscle conditioning. This is especially advised for women who want to tone their bodies through weight training. Conditioning of the muscles contains the creation of mitochondria (fat factories of the body), but also the increase of the tone of the muscle. Through this proces, the muscle will be able to do things longer then before (conditioning). A little strength is also gained through this method, but strength is primarily gained through extensive interval weight training and peak training. Both endomorphic and ectomophic will benefit from this training method if the primary goal is to tone the muscles.

FIT (Frequency, Intensity, Time)
Below are the guidelines for training the extensive interval way

  • F : 1-3 times a week
  • I : 40%-55% of your 1RM (one repetition maximum)
  • T : 20-35 repetitions ; 1-3 sets
The 1 RM test can be done at the gym. They will make you do one set as many times as possible at a certain weight. Based on the results they can calculate the 1RM. You can also calculate the 1 RM yourself by using the guidelines of the article How to measure the 1 RM (1 Repetition Maximum).
Any exercise can be used, but we advice to use exercises which train multiple muscles at one time.

To keep variation in your program you can apply the below stated (sometimes deviating) principles. When you change your program every 6 weeks, you will see increased results. We have divided the variations in two categories namely set and repetition training variations and time related training variations.

Set and Repetition Training Variations

Tripple Sets Principle
Choose a muscle group (like the chest) and perform 3 different exercises (i.e. flys, bench press and pullovers) without rest in between. Do this cycle 2-4 times (with about 2 minutes of rest in between the cycles).
Sets : 3 (exercises) x 1-3 (cycles)
Reps : 20-35

Pre-Exhaustion / Super Sets Principle
Do an exercise for a specific muscle (like the grip exercise for the underarms) and immediately do another exercise which trains a group that holds the previously trained muscle (i.e. bicep curls which also trains the underarms). Rest less then 2 minutes between exercises. Sets : 2 (exercises) x 1-3 (cycles)
Reps : 20-35

Circuit Principle
Decide on which body parts you want to train and the sequence in which you want to perform them. Do one exercise (i.e. upper-legs exercise), wait 45 seconds and do another (i.e. abdomen exercise), wait 45 seconds and do another (i.e. bicep curl). Repeat this cycle of 3 exercises 2-3 times (with about 2 minutes of rest in between the cycles).
Sets : 3 (exercises) x 1-3 (cycles)
Reps : 20-35

Multi Exercise Sets
Instead of using the same exercise in a 4-set exercise, alternate exercises in the 4-set (2 preacher curls and 2 concentration curls instead of 4 preacher curls).

Time Related Training Variations

Resting Periods
Important to remember is that the less time you put in between sets, the more cardio training you are doing (and the more mitochondria you will create). We reccomend at least 30 seconds rest and maximum 1½ minutes of rest in between sets.

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